Horton Plaza Real Estate

Named after Alonzo Erastus Horton, the historical father of contemporary, Horton Park houses Horton Plaza Park with its historical Fountain a bronze statue of Alonzo Horton. The distinguishing features of this district include the six and a half block Horton Plaza entertainment center, which is home to over 140 shops and restaurants in a colorful labyrinth connecting seven open-air split levels. This shopping center is now a local landmark and a tribute to the creativity and history of San Diego. Today, the Horton Plaza neighborhood includes a Westin Hotel, the Meridian condominium tower, Horton Fourth Avenue apartments, the SBC and NBC office towers, Spreckels and Balboa theaters, and the Federal Courthouse & Office building. In addition, there are high-rise luxury condominiums and mixed-use residential and retail developments. Residential opportunities may be limited, but this 15-block district puts residents at the center of downtown’s activities. The area includes luxury condominiums and apartments amidst high-rise office buildings, retail centers, hotels, theaters and restaurants.