Cortez Hill Condos For Sale

search cortez condosOne of San Diego’s oldest and most distinguished residential neighborhoods, Cortez Hill is christened after the historic El Cortez Hotel. The district is diverse along both sides of the Sixth Avenue. The hill dominated by the El Cortez Apartments, downtown’s highest land mass, is to the East of the Avenue. This section has attracted residents for over a century, and the original Victorian style dwellings of the first settlers have now become part of its allure. To the West of the Sixth Avenue, the flatter area is known as Cortez West. Schools, churches and a pedestrian-friendly environment distinguish this area. The Cortez Hill district affords views of urban San Diego, Balboa Park, the bay and Pacific Ocean. The intimate neighborhood feeling, varied housing, closeness to the downtown Core and Balboa Park, and waterfront and mountain views make Cortez Hill an enticing location. Forthcoming developments include 6,000 square feet of retail space, 758 residential units and the Cortez Hill Neighborhood Park.