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Nov. 5, 2018

Prop 10 Bringing Contention to Rental Housing Market

Prop 10 Midterm elections rental housingMidterm Elections are upon us and it’s time to hit the voting booths! TV screens are flooded with “vote yes” and “vote no” ads, and campaign banners can be found in front yards and social media pages across the nation. This is the time for people to rally and stand ...

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Oct. 26, 2018

The Best School Districts in San Diego County


While each and every family in San Diego is unique in their own right, it is safe to say that the majority of parents prioritize the education of their children when making the decision of where to raise them. Whether or not you’re currently in the process of deciding ...

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Sept. 12, 2018

What's the Deal with CA Prop 5?

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Aug. 12, 2018

What Do I Need to Know About Home Inspections?

home inspectors

FAQs: What Do I Really Need To Know About Home Inspections?

So you've got your eye on a property, and those rose-colored lenses are in full effect. You might even be experiencing some premature relief that the house hunting process is almost over now that you can see the ...

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April 4, 2018

Tips for Becoming a Pro at Property Viewing

Viewing condos La Jolla like a pro

If you’re in the market to buy condos La Jolla, you can get carried away by the sheer excitement of viewing different properties, one after the other. Here’s a checklist to help you improve your home viewing effectiveness.

No emotions

It’s difficult not to get overly excited when coming across ...

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April 3, 2018

How to Know if You’re Ready to Buy?

Time to search for houses for sale San Diego

Before leaping head-first into the market, looking to buy one of the houses for sale San Diego, first answer the following questions, just to make sure you are ready for the commitment. 

Why do you want to buy?

If you think it’s “that time of your life” when you ...

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March 1, 2018

Real Estate San Diego Buyers FAQ

Real estate San Diego - buyer FAQ

Let’s answer some of the most difficult questions that plague potential buyers in the real estate San Diego market.


Can I afford it?


In order to get an educated answer to this question, it is not enough to simply check your bank balance. Rather, you need to meet ...

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March 1, 2018

Advantages of Living in a Townhome

Advantages of La Jolla townhomes for sale

If you’re looking for La Jolla townhomes for sale, but are still pondering whether it’s the right decision, read on. 

You’re the landowner 

Immediately after you buy one of the La Jolla townhomes for sale, you become the owner of both the building and the lot. You will ...

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Jan. 22, 2018

Are You a Foodie Looking for a Condo for Sale in La Jolla?

Best restaurants if looking for condo for sale in La Jolla

We have already written about the wonderful life in La Jolla. If you are in the market for a condo for sale in La Jolla, you may be daydreaming what your life there could be like (like having a beach Christmas) or you may be more pragmatical, like exploring the ...

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Jan. 22, 2018

The Historical Setting of La Jolla Condos For Sale

La Jolla condos for sale - La Jolla history 

La Jolla is a beautiful community, well-known beyond California. It’s difficult to say what aspect of La Jolla life makes its name more justified (La Jolla means “jewel” in Spanish). The seven miles of coastline feature sandy and rocky beaches with amazing views; the city has a thriving cultural ...

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