Advantages of La Jolla townhomes for sale

If you’re looking for La Jolla townhomes for sale, but are still pondering whether it’s the right decision, read on. 

You’re the landowner 

Immediately after you buy one of the La Jolla townhomes for sale, you become the owner of both the building and the lot. You will also have absolute control over the décor, the use, and the maintenance of both the property and the building. You just have to stay within local zoning and building ordinances. 

You have design control 

As a proud townhome owner, it is up to you to decide if you want to make any changes to the inside and the outside of your La Jolla home. You do not need permission from condominium board or neighbors. The only thing you can’t move are the shared walls. Everything else is yours to decorate. You can even add a shed or a deck. 

Low maintenance fees 

No need to pay HOA monthly fees, which can be as high as 100$. You can do things at your own pace and according to your financial situation. You can even save additional money by mowing the grass and shoveling snow yourself. You are free to plan your townhome’s future as you deem fit. 

Closer and safer community 

Buyers of La Jolla townhomes for sale live close together, and the neighbors get familiar with one another. You always have somebody to borrow coffee from in the morning. 

This creates a sense of being protected at all times, as neighbors will watch out for any unusual activities. Common exterior lighting also adds to the feeling of safety for all residents. 

Conveniences of urban living 

Townhome locations are chosen in such a way to provide the perks of urban living, without significant drawbacks. They are usually located within urban communities, offering entertainment destinations and amenities, without the overwhelming feeling of hectic inner city life.

Multi-level conditions

Also a big advantage for townhomes. By following a multi-level floor plan, townhomes offer plenty of space, in style. You can have upstairs bedrooms, a very spacious living room, along with the kitchen and dining room. What’s more, you can always choose the option of a finished basement. 

Green space, patios, and balconies 

If have a family, especially a family with young children, imagine how beautiful it would be for them to have a place to play. And, if you have a pet, a yard is equally important. 

Townhome life also offers an outdoor space just for you. Many townhomes offer big, walk-out balconies and verandas. Just imagine having your morning coffee there, or relaxing with a book. 

Finally, there are also townhomes with patios, along with natural gas hook-ups, perfect for summertime grilling. Would be nice to invite your friends over for barbeque, wouldn’t it? 

Cost friendly 

This is as straightforward as it gets. La Jolla townhomes for sale are generally quite less expensive than detached homes. The square footage is lower, as well as utility bills and out-of-pocket expenses. Townhome living costs less. Plus, for less money, you get most of the advantages of living in a detached home, with a couple of extra perks. 

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