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Jan. 10, 2019

Most Expensive Sale of 2018 - SD County

Take a look at San Diego’s biggest real estate sale of 2018 Let’s face it, the allure of living in San Diego is hardly the well-kept secret it once was. With beachfront properties among the finest in the world, San Diego has been known to draw in some of today’s ...

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Nov. 5, 2018

Prop 10 Bringing Contention to Rental Housing Market

Prop 10 Midterm elections rental housingMidterm Elections are upon us and it’s time to hit the voting booths! TV screens are flooded with “vote yes” and “vote no” ads, and campaign banners can be found in front yards and social media pages across the nation. This is the time for people to rally and stand ...

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Sept. 12, 2018

What's the Deal with CA Prop 5?

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Dec. 9, 2014

Hiring the right Contractor

As with AC installations and Pool repair/installations winter time is always the best time to negotiate for good deals! Contrary, you will find the best time to negotiate with gutter installation companies is in the summer, we have found you could save upwards of $1 per linear foot on ...

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Dec. 16, 2007

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Passed by Senate

UPDATE: President Bush signs HR 3648, The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007.

It took them close to two and half months, but the U.S. Senate finally got around to passing H.R. 3648, The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007. Initially sent to the Senate on ...

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Nov. 6, 2007

Citi to California Home Buyers: Just Say No

Times, they are a changin' in the California mortgage business.

Last week we had Bank of America notify 7,000 mortgage brokers that their services will no longer be needed after New Years Eve, only to have Citi take it one step further on Halloween and tell California home buyers ...

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Oct. 29, 2007

Property Tax Relief For San Diego Fire Victims

Many San Diego County property owners who suffered damage from the fires that ravaged the County are eligible for property tax relief.  

California law, Revenue & Taxation Code Section 170, provides property tax relief for taxpayers whose property was damaged or destroyed as a result of the wild fires ...

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Oct. 29, 2007

Bank of America To Cut Off Mortgage Brokers

Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, the nation’s second-largest bank, announced on Friday that it will shut down its consumer real estate division and its wholesale lending unit, which offers residential mortgages through over 7,000 independent brokers, at the end of the year.  

The move signals a ...

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Oct. 5, 2007

House Passes Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief

Many San Diego homeowners considering a short sale or facing foreclosure got a bit of good news today with the U.S. House of Representatives passing H.R. 3648, The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007. The bill addresses the forgiveness of acquisition debt, which is that debt used ...

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Sept. 26, 2007

Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief On The Fast Track

Someone lit a fire under Rep. Charles "Charlie" Rangel, which is good news for the San Diego real estate market in general, and many homeowners trying to determine the lesser of two evils, foreclosure or a short sale and the tax liability which goes with it.

Earlier today, the House ...

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