As with AC installations and Pool repair/installations winter time is always the best time to negotiate for good deals! Contrary, you will find the best time to negotiate with gutter installation companies is in the summer, we have found you could save upwards of $1 per linear foot on cutter installation in the summer.  Doing your homework is critical to the success of any home improvement project

Make sure whoever you hire is reputable and reliable.  We keep book on who is good in town, and if you are ever in need of a reputable trades-person we would be happy to help.  Some of the most common recommendation we are plumbers, electrician and roofers, but we have some very specialized tradespeople.  For instance we know of a tile grout cleaning team!  The tile grout cleaning team comes to your house and literary scrubs your grout by hand with a wire brush and some special cleaner.  The end result is stunning and makes almost any grouted floor look like new!  We also have a variety of specialty contractors of almost every application.  If we don't have a recommendation for you we can reach out to our network of contractors and if it exists, we will help you find it.

Here is a funny video we found re-enforcing how important it is to hire good people who know what they are doing!

Let us know if you have had any really amazing experiences with contractors here in San Diego, and we also would love to hear if you have any really BAD experiences as well.