One of the beautiful benefits of living in La Jolla beach front homes is that you get to celebrate a beachy Christmas. If you are in the market for a beach home in Pacific Beach, La Jolla, or other coastal areas, and you expect to move in your dream home in 2018, your next Christmas will be seasoned with whiffs of sea breeze – mmmmm! While you are waiting for that to happen, or while you are dreaming of living in a beach front house or condo at some point, why don’t you have a look at our list of beach-themed Christmas decorations? Stir your imagination for 2018 Christmas or do it this year (still a few days left). If your home can’t be on the beach right now, the beach can come to you. It’s holiday magic!


Once you dive into the whole coastal Christmas theme, you realize that you can make virtually everything from object found on or around beaches. Sites like Etsy are endless resources of Christmassy things in all shapes, sizes and themes, but you can even make most of these decorations yourself, provided you have some time.

Snowmen figurines and decorations can be made from beach stones and pebbles, sea shells and sea urchins. You just don’t know which are more adorable than the other!

Christmas tree ornaments

Ah, this is really a plain canvas for your imagination. If you want just a hint of sea, you can stick to the traditional baubles, but in blues, greens and some sandy beige palette. Maybe, just a real starfish on top?

Why not decorate the tree with things you find on the beach? A beach hunt would be fun for kids and possibly help them with the transition (if the move is fresh). Of course, you would need to activate your crafty nimble fingers to make holes and hoops to hang the decorations. Some craft paints and pens wouldn’t hurt (adding some Christmas hats, reindeer antlers and such Christmas motifs would be cute). How about some transparent baubles filled with sand and pebbles? Simple and effective, just what a busy adult needs.

Here are some beach elements your decorations could feature: starfish, shells, rope, lighthouses, sailboats, jellyfish, sea glass, buoys, anchors, the Sun, etc. The Internet is always there for the busy and less crafty.


Have you seen sea horse garlands yet? So dainty and charming! Seashell garlands are also lovely. Whether they are DIY or bought, they are a refreshing twist in any spot.

Christmas tree

This is what underpins all other decorations. It’s the anchor of the whole theme. Instead of putting beach-inspired decorations on a traditional tree, why not make the tree beach-sourced?

There are nice-sized Christmas trees made from driftwood, with enough space to hang ornaments. There are also photo-framed driftwood Christmas trees. For smaller tabletop Christmas tree decorations the choice is a bit wider. There are miniature driftwood trees and those made from seashells and sea glass glued on cone. And there are also delightful starfish-stack Christmas trees. No ornaments needed!

The accessories

Beach theme is much more resourceful than one would think. There’s the well-known “seas’n’greetings” slogan, which always looks cute on cushions. What about tea towels featuring Christmas tree sailboats? Or center pieces with beach elements sprinkled in?

Merry Christmas!

Now, you just have to find the dream La Jolla beach front home


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