Viewing condos La Jolla like a pro

If you’re in the market to buy condos La Jolla, you can get carried away by the sheer excitement of viewing different properties, one after the other. Here’s a checklist to help you improve your home viewing effectiveness.

No emotions

It’s difficult not to get overly excited when coming across one of the condos La Jolla you immediately think is the one for you.

Before picturing you and your family in it, thinking about where the flowers would go and so on, take a step back. Don’t look at the property as a home, but as a property that needs to be inspected.

However, do not just look for the faults either. There are issues that are a quick and inexpensive fix, and those that are deal breakers.

Don’t rush it

The market is fast-paced, but that doesn’t mean you should rush with your decision. The best thing is to try and view the property several times. It takes a couple of visits to notice certain structural problems.

What’s more, try to spend more time viewing the property, about 30 minutes. You can’t really get the feel of the place for under half an hour.

Research also suggests that people who spend more time viewing a property are more likely to snatch it for under the asking price.

Scan the neighborhood

Spend some time walking around the neighborhood. You need to see if you like the surroundings, not just the property.

Look for local amenities and conveniences. The things you like should be nearby, be it restaurants, cafes, or schools.

Also, try to visit the neighborhood at different times and days. Any given neighborhood tends to look a lot different on Saturday nights and Monday afternoons.

Inspect the structure

Look at the outside of the property as much as you look at the inside. Hairline cracks and dampness on the outside of the walls are problems to look out for. Also, inspect the rain gutters and the roof, if possible.

Smell, don’t just look

It is wise to use all of our senses when viewing condos La Jolla. It might sound a bit silly, going around, sniffing the walls. But, we don’t mean that.

Dampness in the walls is something most people try to avoid when looking to buy a property. It usually smells musty. Sometimes you can’t see the dampness, but you can definitely smell it.

Check the small things

Inspecting light switches and water taps is important, even if it doesn’t sound so. Who knows what problems lurk behind poor water pressure and non-functioning lights.

Always check the windows by opening and closing them, to see if their condition is good and if they seal properly.

Confirm the land

If you’re buying a detached or semi-detached house, always inquire about who owns the parking space or the garden. If there are any uncertainties over the borders, better to know it in advance.

Arrange a survey

You should first know the difference between a house survey and a valuation survey. The latter is required by mortgage lenders, but it doesn’t inspect the condition of the property adequately, nor will you get a chance to see the report.

Have a professional perform an independent house survey of the property your heart is set on. It is the only way to uncover hidden issues and save yourself from buying a seemingly perfect property.

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