Moving out seems like such a minor thing compared to everything it took you to find and land your perfect piece of real estate San Diego. However, if you set aside some planning and organizing time for your move out, you will seriously reduce the odds for unwanted stress. Moving is a fresh start. Here’s how to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Plan well-ahead of time

Does a few months before your move-out date sound too early to plan? Actually, it just the right time to get some things done – setting the date of the move-out and choosing your mover. First of all, you want to be sure you chose the right moving company. Compare movers by experience, services, reviews, liability coverage and insurance, get estimates and make a decision. Remember that an unreliable, shady or inexperienced mover could give you serious headache. Second of all, if you plan on moving in late spring or summer, you want to book early, because those times of the year are high season for moving. Finally, there are many things that you should do until you move-out, like checking which move-related items are exempt from tax, checking the clearance space at your new home, etc.

Get professional help

You might want to save your DIY skills for some other occasion. Even if you are moving just across town, the move-out day could become a nightmare if you think that a DIY approach will save you money. You could sprain your back, drop something heavy on your foot or you could spend much more on fuel than expected.

Bring only the things you really like and need

If you lived in your home for years prior to moving out, you’ve probably got loads of stuff, many of which you don’t need, can’t use, don’t want, etc. Throw some things away, organize a yard sale, give things away to charity, friends and relatives or put them up on Craigslist. This will have at least threefold benefits: you’ll have less to pack and unpack, and you could get a lower charge by the mover. Plus, the new home will truly feel like a new beginning.

Protect your possessions

Maybe you could get a box or two from your local supermarket, but don’t try to pinch pennies on the packing supplies. It’s for everyone’s safety – your stuff’s and your own. Because all your possessions will be packed in tight space, you could get a domino damage effect. Supply yourself well with bubble wraps, cushioning rolls, moving blankets, boxes and packing tape, ziplocs and contractor bags.

While you’re at it, label and number the boxes and keep an inventory of what’s inside. That way it’ll be easier to unpack and keep track whether everything arrived.

Preparing your pets & plants

Depending on the distance that you’ll be traveling, you may need some transport kennel, or motion sickness medication for your dogs and cats. If you’re crossing state lines, you have to have the pets’ papers with you in the car. As far as the plants go, you should check with your mover whether they transport plants (chances are high they don’t). It would be wise to repot the plants in some non-breakable light-weight containers, and let the movers take the original pots into the moving truck. Keep in mind that you should also check with USDA whether you can bring your plants with you (if you’re moving to another state). If it turns out you don’t want to go through the hassle of moving your plants, you can always give them away to friends and relatives or donate them.

Some things should go with you

Pack some basic “survival kit” and take it with you – toothbrushes, change of clothes, everyday products, chargers, etc. It’s like your hand luggage for air travel. Also, your most precious possessions should go with you. You don’t want to risk them getting damaged, lost or stolen.

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