Welcome to Rancho Bernardo!  Located just 20 miles north of downtown San Diego, Rancho Bernardo is the northernmost residential community in the city limits of San Diego.  It was established in 1842 on the Rancho San Bernardo land grant which consisted of over 17,000 acres situated between Escondido and Poway. 

Rancho Bernardo, or “RB” as it is called by the locals, is an upscale master-planned community with several private parks and clubs in each neighborhood of the community.  It is a sprawling area that covers over 6,500 acres and has tons of shopping, golf and business.

Community Attractions

Rancho Bernardo is a great place to settle down and raise a family.  It is often labeled as “one of the safest family-oriented communities in southern California.”  Throughout the year, Rancho Bernardo has several events and attractions for every age group.  One of the most popular attractions in all of southern California is the Bernardo Winery.  Established in 1889, it is the oldest operating winery in southern California.  There is always something going on at Bernardo Winery from the Friday Farmer’s Market to Jazz on the Patio to the Spring Arts and Crafts Fair.  Other attractions within the winery include quaint shops and a small café which are very popular with residents and tourists.

Another outstanding event that takes over Rancho Bernardo is RB Alive. It is an annual street fair with a carnival-like atmosphere.  It has everything from arts and crafts to businesses promoting products and services to a huge kid’s zone and everything else under the sun. RB Alive draws over 50,000 people every year and is such a fun event.

One of the activities Rancho Bernardo is most widely known for is golf.  There are several golf courses throughout the town mainly within different RB subdivisions.  Two championship courses, Bernardo Inn Golf Course and the Rancho Bernardo Country Club, as well as other public and private courses throughout RB are also popular for resident golfers.

The Resident Rancho Bernardians

There are more than 46,000 people living in Rancho Bernardo with a median age of about 41 years old.   Their median household income is just under $90,000.  The residents love everything about living here especially living close to where they work.  Most of this white collar community works in the Rancho Bernardo Business Park.  This business park is home to the headquarters for Sony USA and offices for other major corporations including Hewlett Packard, Nokia, Eastman Kodak and more.  In fact, over 50,000 employees are employed with these corporations. 

Neighborhood Information

Rancho Bernardo is divided into east and west Rancho Bernardo.  The area is made up a mixture of single-family homes as well as condominium and townhome communities making this an area that pretty much has something for everyone whether you want to live in a gated community, townhome or condominium complex, track home, estate or a custom built home.  Rancho Bernardo has it all.

Taking it a step further, within different subdivisions of Rancho Bernardo are smaller neighborhoods and communities feature condominiums, townhome communities and single family homes.  Other features of the neighborhoods of the communities are neighborhood parks, golf courses and lots of close knit neighbors.

Life in Rancho Bernardo

If a suburb within the city limits of a major metropolitan area is what you want, make sure you visit Rancho Bernardo.  This wonderful town has so much to offer….a nice size home that is close to work as well as the necessary conveniences like shopping and professional services and fun community events that make where you live feel like home. Rancho Bernardo is a fantastic place for kids as it has safety in the forefront in the design of the community. 

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