Welcome to Oceanside, California!  It is situated on California’s South Coast along about six miles of coastline.  Located about 40 miles north of downtown San Diego, Oceanside is located just south of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.  Oceanside is commonly referred to being part of the “Tri-City area” with North Carlsbad and West Vista. 

Oceanside is a greatly popular area of Southern California with a diverse population.  Since 1970, the number of people has grown four times over.  With a population of about 167,000 people, Oceanside is the third largest city in the entire San Diego Metro area and covers more than 40 square miles. 

The climate is one of the best parts of living in Oceanside.  High temperatures averaging between the mid-60s in the winter months and mid-70s in the summer months while average lows are between the mid-40s and mid-60s.  For the most part, with only about 11 inches of rainfall each year, the sun is always shining just as anyone would expect to happen in this part of the country.

Attractions in Oceanside

Oceanside is full of attractions and events that are very popular with area residents as well as people throughout Southern California.  Probably the most notable attraction is the Oceanside Pier.  A whopping 1,954 feet long, it is the longest wooden pier in the western part of the United States.  Much of the action in Oceanside happens around the Pier. 

Featured in several popular movies, one of the most memorable is Top Gun where the bungalow home featured in the movie was located just up from the Oceanside Strand.  Other movies include Heartbreak Ridge; Diamonds are Forever; and, The Whole Ten Yards.

As for events, Oceanside is famous for some exciting annual events including the Day of the Dead Celebration held annually the first weekend in November; Oceanside Harbor Days, held the second in weekend in September; and, the Oceanside Parade of Lights, a December parade where boats throughout the harbor area are decorated with holiday lights.

Oceanside Harbor Village is the hub of activity in this classic beach community.  It features lots of unique family owned shops and restaurants along the boardwalk.  Close by is Harbor Beach, one of the widest beaches in San Diego County.  It is a popular beach for just about anyone.  Families love it because of its size while surfers hang out by the jetties where the waves are ideal.

The People of Oceanside

Because it is such a “happening” town, it is understandable that the population of Oceanside is somewhat younger than other surrounding areas with a median age of about 35 years old.  The median income is about $63,000 with residents being employed by Genica Corporation (geeks.com), Genetech and Mira Costa Community College. People live here because Oceanside combines the best of both worlds – living in a large metro area with a true beach-y atmosphere.

Neighborhoods in Oceanside

Oceanside is broken up into several sections or large neighborhoods some of which are much older than others.  Each area has its own character and attraction to different residents.  Within these major neighborhoods are smaller subdivisions.  The best part of Oceanside real estate is that there is a home to fit every budget and every buyer.

Living in Oceanside

Living in Oceanside is ideal for those who want the conveniences and action of a large city as well as the laid back atmosphere of a classic beach community.   The people in Oceanside love where they live and work hard to maintain its charm and appeal.  Because homes fit many different budgets, it is no wonder that this is a very popular place in Southern California to settle.  Take a look at this wonderful city.  We are sure it is will be a top pick for many people!