Mira Mesa, located in the northern inland area of the San Diego metro, is a suburb that is quite attractive to residents throughout San Diego.  Not only does it appeal to many current San Diego metro area residents, it is a huge draw for people relocating to the area from all over the country mainly because of the plethora of moderately priced homes.

Thinking About Selling Your Home in Mira Mesa?

If you have been thinking of selling your home in Mira Mesa, the time has come to make a decision.  Sale prices are definitely on the rise with single family homes finally showing double digit increases.  The most interesting fact to note is that the sale price is typically about 97 percent of the list price which says that sellers are not budging much in terms of negotiating.   For condominiums and townhomes, the median home price is about $175K, a slight decrease from previous months and the previous year.  Single-family homes stay on the market about 57 days while condominium homes a little longer at about 96 days.  Both numbers show that properties are selling faster as the average number of days has dropped for both types.  Looking at this information shows that the main factor for sellers to consider is pricing.   We can help you with your pricing, marketing and selling your home as our agents are very well verse with the Mira Mesa real estate market. 

Buying a Home in Mira Mesa

If you have thought about buying a home in Mira Mesa, do it now.  While the prices are starting to rise, it is still a great time to buy here as there are “deals to be had.”  Sellers are pricing their homes at a competitive price and are not open to much negotiation.  The key for buyers is to be ready to act as single family homes do not sit on the market for more than a couple of months.  Condominiums sell within three to four months.  This is a great area for first time buyers as they can easily buy a condominium in a nice neighborhood for well under $200K and just under $300K for single-family homes.  Because the spectrum of prices is not drastic, larger homes with the most up-to-date features and amenities can be bought for around $600K.  Let our agents help find exactly what you want in Mira Mesa.  We know the area and have all of the latest information to find the home of your dreams.

As for distressed properties, there are more than a few of them in Mira Mesa.  You will be able to get a great bargain especially with condominiums.  This is where our agents are the biggest attributes for your real estate venture.  They can truly provide you with the most current information and guide you through the process of buying distressed property.

Relocating to Mira Mesa?

Mira Mesa is a great area to consider for your relocation.  Not only do you more house for your money, but you are close to San Diego as well as being at the back door of the Sorrento Mesa, the high tech hub of southern California.  Our agents have all the information to help you make your move relatively painless.   

More Value for the Residents

Mira Mesa real estate is the best area for those wanting more home for their investment.  Because of the migration of people in the high tech industries and the moderately priced homes, Mira Mesa is becoming one of the more popular areas in the San Diego metro area.