Also known as “the Strand,” Mission Beach is a community located within the San Diego city limits that is built on a sandbar between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay.  This small community measures 50 blocks long and just three blocks wide and is “beach living” in its truest form.  It is often compared to classic beach towns on the other side of the country like Coney Island and Atlantic City. 

Attractions of Mission Beach

Mission Beach is most widely known for its boardwalk and amusement park, Belmont Park.  This landmark features traditional and modern rides as well as the huge world famous Big Dipper roller coaster, the Wave House wave pool, and other thrilling rides in addition to lots of places to eat and drink.   It is such a fun park and attracts even the most settled residents of the community…not to mention visitors from all over.

In addition to the park, Mission Beach is one of the best areas for beach goers.  The water is ideal for swimming, surfing, and all sorts of water activities.  A popular spot for divers is situated a half-mile off the southern end of Mission Beach where old shipwrecks were dropped into the water to create artificial reefs in an effort to preserve sea life.

Because the love for the beach and beach oriented sports, Mission Beach and the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club (OMBAC) play host to the Over the Line tournament held twice a year as well as the annual “Coming Out” Party which raise money for charity.  The OMBAC is a club with about 500 active members who support several athletic, social and charitable associations in the community.

Residents of Mission Beach

People who live in or move to Mission Beach have one common characteristic among them…they want to live a beach lifestyle.  Living here gives them that opportunity.  Mission Beach is known for its simplicity and laidback way of doing things.  Because of this, the residents are a diverse group of free spirited artists, writers and such as well as sports enthusiasts, families and middle aged professionals who have a yen to feel younger. 


Locals in Mission Beach refer to the community in two sections – North Mission Beach and South Mission Beach.  Each area features a slower beach lifestyle but more homes are located on the north end of the area.  The north end also plays home to shops, restaurants, smoothie bars (of course a California beach has smoothie bars!) and fun night life.  On the southern end, residents find a similar look but an even slower pace of life.  There fishermen casting their lines off the jetty at the southernmost end is a common occurrence.

Loving Life in Mission Beach

Without a doubt, the best way to slow down and enjoy a simple way of life is to move to a beach community.  And, Mission Beach is a beach town in the truest sense of the word.  This area is probably one of the most laid back areas in all of southern California…heck, the whole state.  Take some time to visit this area and see what all the fuss is about.  After a few days here, you will definitely want to move or stay here for the rest of your life.