Most everyone has a dream of living on the beach or at least very close to it.  For those lucky enough to call Pacific Beach, California home, it is a dream come true.  Everywhere is within walking distance to the Pacific Ocean.  With one of the widest and best beaches in all of southern California, Pacific Beach is a favorite for most people in the western part of the country.  With a population of about 40,000 people, Pacific Beach consists of a very diverse group population from old fishermen who have lived here for decades to world-class surfers to professionals who work in downtown San Diego and other parts of the metro area.  The commonality of all of them is their desire to be near the ocean.

Knowing the Area

Pacific Beach is a 5.2 square mile area on the West Coast of southern California.  It is bound by La Jolla to the north; Interstate 5 to the east; Mission Beach to the south; and, the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the west.   The main streets in the major area of Pacific Beach run north-south and east-west.  The north-south streets are named after federal officials and laid out in alphabetical order while the east-west streets are named after precious gem stones. 

There are over 1,300 businesses in Pacific Beach mostly consisting of restaurants, bars, night clubs, and retail shops.  Because this is such a popular area for vacationers from all over the western part of the country, tourism is a huge part of the community. 

Additionally, Pacific Beach is home to some of the best surfing and sunning in southern California.   With its wide beaches, families, young adults and the older generation find Pacific Beach to have everything they need to have a gratifyingly laid back lifestyle. 

Pacific Beach has a wonderful village-like atmosphere with notable parks such as the Kate Sessions Park and the Pacific Beach Community Park.  The Pacific Plaza Shopping Center provides the public with grocery and drug store shopping as well as other businesses necessary for day to day life.

Real Estate in Pacific Beach

The real estate market in Pacific Beach has shown signs of a rebound over the last few months.  With homes staying on the market for about three months, sale prices are beginning to climb.  For single family homes, the most recent median sale price is $725K which is up over 15 percent from the previous month but down slightly from last year.  Condominiums, on the other hand, are showing marked increases.  The most recent median sale price is $just over $400K which is up 12 percent over last year and 5 percent over the previous month.   As for how long a property stays on the market, real estate in Pacific Beach moves pretty quickly staying on the market only about three months.


As for list prices, single family homes, for the most part, start around $700K and climb to well over $1 million the closer to the ocean the property is located.  Areas such as the northwest section of town, the Crown Point area and Mission Bay Park have homes for sale starting in the low to mid-$700s.  Most homes have some sort of water view be it the Pacific Ocean or Mission Bay.

Condominium properties listed for sale start as low as the mid-$200s to upper-$300s in communities like Crown Point Townhomes. And Sail Bay Shores.  From there they begin to climb depending on the location and views.  Grand Sunset and Gresham La Palma feature condominium homes starting in the mid to upper-$400s.  Of course, there are properties with gorgeous views that start in the low-$900s and climb to almost $2 million like those at Diamond Point at the Ocean, Sail Bay and Capri by the Sea.

Another important real estate characteristic is that Pacific Beach is a great place for real estate investors.  With such a young population, many of the residents in Pacific Beach rent homes and apartments.

No Matter Your Needs

Whatever you need…and want… in a home at the beach, you will find it in Pacific Beach.  There are properties to entice even the most finicky home owners.  From perfect views of water to roof top decks with cool ocean breezes, Pacific Beach has everything to make you spend the rest of your life here.