When you mention the city of Rancho Santa Fe to anyone from Southern California, the first word said is “WOW!”  The Ranch, as called by the locals, is probably one of the most chic areas in the country with the most unbelievable homes imagined.  Located a mere four miles from the Pacific Ocean, this bedroom community of San Diego is comprised of primarily residential homes on large lots. 

The climate is slightly warmer than the typical weather in downtown San Diego.  Because it is slightly more inland and somewhat elevated, the temperatures can range from the high-30s in January to the mid-80s in July.  With little rainfall throughout the year, the sun always shines. 

Highlights of Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe is, for the most part, a residential area with the most beautiful estates scattered throughout the area.  This is a community where notable celebrities like Phil Mickelson, Olympic snowboarder Shaun White and Gena Davis live here.  Bill Gates also has a home here. Rancho Santa Fe homes is the ultimate in luxury living. 

Other noteworthy points of interest are the Village of Rancho Santa Fe which is a quaint village featuring some of the nicest, most unique shops and restaurants in the entire metro.  Additionally, there are a number of private schools which is natural given the exclusive level of homes and residents in Rancho Santa Fe. 

Because it is in close proximity to Del Mar, the Ranch is well known for its passion for horses.  The residents frequent one of several equestrian facilities, gather at the polo matches or simply go for a ride on the bridal paths throughout the area.  When driving around Rancho Santa Fe, horses in pastures is a common sight.

The Residents of Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe continually ranks as the first or second area of highest income communities in the country.  The residents are established professionals who have risen to the top of their careers.  The median household income is $245,000 in this town of only 3,117 people.  The median age is about 51 years old.  The residents want an exclusive and private sanctuary to call home and find that the Ranch provides all of that.


Although this community is small in comparison to others, there are several neighborhoods located throughout the Ranch providing characteristics that appeal to different people.  Most communities are gated and feature large estate homes on considerable lots.  Within these neighborhoods are smaller subdivisions that may encompass only a handful of homes.  But the key element throughout Rancho Santa Fe is the utterly unbelievable residential property that blankets the community.  Homes are priced starting at the $1 million mark for the most part in neighborhoods like Morgan Run, The Crosby, The Covenant and Cielo.  Although they are, for the most part, priced in the $3 million to $10 million range in communities like The Groves, Fairbanks Ranch, The River Estates and Farms, there are homes that can top $20 million. 

See It to Believe It

Rancho Santa Fe is undoubtedly a sight to behold.  It is a top pick for those who want the best of everything and to live in the most exclusive of communities.  With a quaint yet chic downtown area featuring some of the best restaurants and shops, Rancho Santa Fe allows its residents to have all the amenities and conveniences of a major metro area with the ability to stay close to home.