Located just south of La Jolla and north of Mission Beach is the cool little town of Pacific Beach.   This amazing beach town is home to one of San Diego’s more popular nightlife scenes with its laidback beach bars and a favorite place for younger adults and college kids who want to live the “California dream.”  Although it has a resort feel to it and over 1,300 businesses, Pacific Beach is still a comfy fun place to call home. With its extreme beach culture, this beach community is a very diverse spot where everyone is always happy.

What the Locals Love About Pacific Beach

As one of the more desirable areas in San Diego, “PB” (as it is called by the locals) is a very healthy town because of all the outdoor activities.  Because of its popularity with metro area residents, it is much easier to get around  the town by bicycle which is a more common form of transportation for locals.

Another popular spot for runners, walkers and the like is the Boardwalk which stretches the 3.2 miles from the northern tip of Pacific Beach down to the southern tip of Mission Beach.  At the center of town, the major hub for shops and restaurants, Garnet Avenue, dead ends at the Pacific Ocean and leads straight into Crystal Pier.  There, you will find locals hanging out and talking about the huge fish or wave they caught or watching the surfers and the bathing beauties soaking up the sun.

Pacific Beach is also the home of most of the surf culture in southern California.  In fact, there is a beach that is marked for surfers only – Tourmaline Surf Park.  This park is great for all levels of surfing from novices to the most experienced surfers.

Although Pacific Beach is a young community, families still enjoy the atmosphere here.  The north end, between Tourmaline and Crystal Pier is a very family oriented section of the beach as it is much quieter and has lifeguards lining the beach.

The Residents of Pacific Beach

PB locals love where they live.  For the most part, they are young and want to enjoy beach living.  The median age of the over 40,000 residents is about 34 years old (2009 data) with a median income of just under $70K.  Additionally, over 85 percent of the residents have no kids and take “work hard…play hard” to heart.

The Lay of the Land

In Pacific Beach, the streets basically run north-south and east-west.  Although the commercial center of town runs on Garnet Avenue, Mission Boulevard is the “main drag” of town.  It runs in a north-south direction along with the other streets that are in alphabetical order and named after federal officials.  The east-west streets are named after precious stones such as Tourmaline, Turquoise, Sapphire and more. 

There are more renters living in Pacific Beach than homeowners as the median home price is around $600K.  More of the homes and condominiums that are closer to the beach tend to be investment property for vacation rentals.

Life IS Good in PB

One thing that rarely ever hear from the residents of Pacific Beach is complaining.  Even the immense amount of traffic on the weekends from area southern California residents rolls off their backs.  Why not?  This is such a fun place with so much to do and such a relaxed atmosphere.  No wonder people love living here!