The real estate market in Poway seems to have bottomed out and is slowly beginning to show solid gains in the sale prices.   The worst has passed and now comes the time to decide when to dive into the pool again.   With future job growth of 23 percent expected, the real estate market will surely begin to show increases again making this a promising real estate market.

Selling Your Home in Poway

For those thinking of selling their homes in Poway, this is a good time to do so.  While sale prices are beginning to show an uptick, list prices are steadily increasing.  The average sale price of single family homes and condominium homes sits at about $620K and $225K, respectively with homes staying on the market for about 87 days.  Both prices reflect an increase of about 10 percent overall from the previous month and about 7 percent over last year.  The key is for a seller is pricing.  Our staff of knowledgeable professionals knows the real estate market and can help you craft a plan to list, market, and sell your home in Poway.   We know how and where to market your listing for maximum effectiveness. 

Buying Real Estate in Poway

Home buyers interested in buying a home in Poway should strongly consider doing so now.  Sale prices are beginning to show increases, and will continue to grow over the next couple of years.  This makes it a great time to get a good deal.  Listings sit on the market for about two to three months.  First time buyers can still come into Poway as prices for condominiums and townhomes start in the upper $100s and single family homes start in the high-$300s and low-$400s.  Seasoned buyers can still expect to pay slightly less than they would have several years ago.  Our agents are very capable of helping you make a sound decision about what you are willing to pay for your largest investment.

There are foreclosures and short sales throughout the entire Poway area providing many opportunities for buyers to get “more house” for their investment.  With the number of foreclosures and short sales, buyers can buy “up” in more affluent neighborhoods.   As always, with distressed properties, it is necessary to remember that these transactions take patience, attention to detail and good timing.  All of our agents are established in the Poway real estate market and can provide their clients with current updates on distressed properties.

Relocating to Poway

Poway is an affluent suburb of San Diego with gorgeous neighborhoods all around.  Additionally, the school system in Poway is one of the best in the area and is a big draw for families moving to San Diego.  From family-oriented neighborhoods in gated communities with outstanding amenities to smaller, quaint homes, our agents know the ins and outs of the area and can provide you with all of the information you need to make your move to Poway virtually effortless.

The real estate market in Poway offers a lot of options to sellers and buyers.  With a short life on the market, selling and buying is a relatively short process for buyers and sellers alike.  Poway is an excellent city in the San Diego metro area.