El Cajon is the largest city in the East County section with a population of over 100,000 people.  Located 15 miles east of the city of San Diego, El Cajon offers the ability to live in a much more rural setting while providing the amenities a major metro area affords.  With warm temperatures, lots of activities and events, as well as a strong arts community, El Cajon is becoming a much more popular area in which to live.

Selling Your Home in El Cajon

El Cajon is an area that is still righting itself in terms of the real estate market.  Because it is further east of the city of San Diego, it is a more affordable part of the metro area and is a growing destination for pretty much any type of homeowner.  Real estate investors, in particular, look to El Cajon for adding to their rental portfolio with homes for sale.  If selling a home is in the immediate plan, property is selling in under three months for single family homes and under four months for condominium homes.   The advantage of selling a home at this time in El Cajon is that even though the number of sales is up from the previous month, the active inventory is still down from last year especially with condominium property (over 30 percent lower).  Because of this, the increase in sale prices is creating somewhat of a sellers’ market. 

Buying Real Estate in El Cajon

For buyers, El Cajon has a lot of opportunities for all types of buyers.  It is an affordable community in terms of real estate.  Potential buyers can get more house than they can afford to buy further inland.   It is important to note that because the inventory is down slightly from this time last year, sellers are sticking to their guns a little more in terms of negotiating a sale price.  Now is the time to buy before it turns into a true sellers’ market. 

For investors and buyers interested in distressed property, El Cajon is an excellent place to check out.  There are a handful of foreclosures and even more short sales on the market especially with condominiums.  The most interesting point about the condominium properties for sale is that several short sales also have strong rental histories.  El Cajon is definitely ripe for the picking in terms of distressed property.

Relocating to El Cajon

In terms of relocating to El Cajon, there are great schools in this community as well as numerous shopping centers, arts, culture and lots of entertainment.  Moving here is a fairly easy process and a great move to make.  It is close to the city of San Diego and surrounded by other wonderful areas to explore.

Making the Move

Our agency has many seasoned professionals who are very familiar with the real estate market in El Cajon.  We can help devise a plan to help you sell or buy real estate in here.  We have all of the latest information to set a list price or make a reasonable offer.  We also keep the most recent lists of distressed property on the market and can assist there as well. This is a great time for sellers and buyers.  No matter what the decision, everyone has an opportunity to benefit.