Do you ever think about what it would be like to be a beach bum in the truest sense of the word?  Living in Ocean Beach is as close as it comes to living in true-blue beach town.  With an open and relaxing atmosphere, Ocean Beach is exactly the beach town you imagine it would be. The main street, Newport Avenue, features unique, eclectic shops and is just steps from the Pacific Ocean.  In fact, when driving through the business district, you will find there are predominantly individually owned retail businesses along the streets mainly because the community is very opposed to popular corporate retailers and restaurants opening in Ocean Beach. 

Appealing Draws to Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is full of attractions that are favorites of locals and southern California residents.  One of the most favorite draws is the original Dog Beach after which other coastal areas mirrored their dog beaches.  Another favorite is the Ocean Beach Pier.  Although it is definitely a popular tourist destination, locals can be spotted at one of the shops located along the walk, fishing, or walking the half-mile out to the end of the pier. 

In terms of retail, Newport Avenue and the Ocean Beach Antiques District are true favorites of everyone.  It is easy to spend a whole day meandering through the unique antiques stores and other retail shops finding treasures big and small.

With all that this beach-lover’s paradise has to offer, it is worth noting another key component of Ocean Beach…the “beach flies.”  Beach flies are harmless old men who hang out on the sea wall and love to tell stories living on the beach in days gone by.

In addition, the residents of Ocean Beach flock to annual events like the Christmas Parade, OB Chili Cook-Off, and the annual Fourth of July Fireworks.  These events also attract many San Diego area residents.

OBceans – What the Locals Call Themselves

As an authentic “beach town,” Ocean Beach pulls at the souls of many people whether from the San Diego area or anywhere else.  The desire to live on “island time” is a strong one for some people and, on the west coast of the United States, this is the place to live. Ocean Beach is a true flip flop town that brings out the “barefoot flower child” in each and every person who moves here. Quick facts of the over 12,000 OBceans are that the average age of the residents is about 31 years old; less than 20 percent are married; and, the median household income is just under $50,000.  For the residents of Ocean Beach, like those from most other small, laid back beach towns, they live a very simple life doing fun easy things like hanging at the beach or biking around town when they are not at work. 

Where Everyone Lives in Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is, for all intents and purposes, a neighborhood in and of itself.  It is comprised of everything from condominiums to small, quaint beach cottages to duplexes to large oceanfront homes.  Favorite areas for Ocean Beach real estate is in the Point Loma area, Fleetridge and Sunset Cliffs.  But no matter where the residents live, they all have an unpretentious attitude and live the same kind of life in this town.

Oh to Be an OBcean

No matter where you come from or what brings you to Ocean Beach, one thing that is true for everyone…you will never want to leave this paradise.  There is nothing like living at or near the coast.  Living in Ocean Beach is something that the residents can try to explain but until you actually live here, you will not understand.  It is a wonderful life and is a shame that not everyone can have the chance to be a beach bum!