Although real estate in Coronado is more expensive than other parts of the San Diego metro area, residents know that location is an important part of the equation to live in this paradise.  Most single-family homes and condominium homes sell within four to five months of being listed.  For sellers, this is an excellent element in making the decision to sell; for buyers, this simply means that there needs to be very little hesitation in making the move or upgrading to a larger home in this cozy community.  Because of the popularity of Coronado, investors are also very interested in property for vacation homes and rentals.

Selling Your Home in Coronado

Selling a home in Coronado is typically not a long and arduous process.  This popular community has a median sale price of single family homes of $1.4 million with the average number of days on the market being just 119 days.  For properties in condominiums, the median sale price is about $755K and the average number of days on the market is 156 days. 

In Coronado, it is recommended to work with a real estate agent because of the high caliber of buyers looking at homes here.  Our agents are very familiar and knowledgeable about Coronado and will craft a plan to list and sell your property to get the most out of your most prized investment.

Buying Real Estate in Coronado

For buyers, there are a lot of opportunities to buy in Coronado.  No matter your needs, there is something for you in this ideal spot.  Median sale prices are still fluctuating from month to month but the biggest positive indicator of the market is the fact that the average number of days a home is on the market is on the decline.   Because our agents have all the latest information about homes for sale here, we can provide insight and help you get the most home out of your investment.

As for foreclosures and short sales, opportunities to buy distressed properties at lower prices pop up every now and then.   Any of our agents have the most current updates on distressed properties and can help you find the perfect home for a great deal.

Relocating to Coronado

Coronado is an ideal place to settle down if you are relocating to the San Diego area and want to live a beach lifestyle in an affluent area.  In terms of real estate, there are many areas to accommodate the most discriminating buyers.  From family oriented neighborhoods in gated communities with outstanding amenities to quaint, older homes with tons of character in the center of Coronado, our agents can provide you with all of the information you need to make your move to Coronado virtually pain-free. 

Moving to Coronado is a great decision for most anyone.  This town is one of the most talked about towns in the country and is always listed on “Top 10” lists in most every news magazine.  It is definitely worth looking into when making a move to the San Diego area.