So your looking for ways to put your own spin on a new place and maybe there are some specific 'problem areas' that could use some more love than others. Well we've gone ahead and looked into 2018's hottest renovation trends and found five of our favorite ideas for you to make your own.

1. Everything but the pipes

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Cut down big time on your costs by leaving those pipes untouched while everything else gets torn up. Design and build around them so you can save time and money in your renovation process. Renovation always brings about unforeseen obstacles, so take advantage of this tip to cut down on risks as you recreate your bathroom.

2. Cork those floors!

Is the flooring in your place getting less and less flattering with every passing day? Want to go for something fresh and unique without splurging on materials? Corked floors have become one of the latest renovation trends to hit in the last year, and you won't believe how good they look until you see them for yourself!

It is actually crazy how good they look for the money, and they're extremely durable compared to some of the more expensive flooring options, such as traditional hardwood. According to "The Benefits of Cork Flooring" on, the softness and give of the cork creates less wear and tear from normal everyday foot traffic, giving it a longer life on average. Also, cork does not absorb water, so mold and moisture won't be an issue as long as you're using glue-down cork tiles. One benefit of cork that often goes overlooked is that it's a natural thermal and acoustic insulator, making the environment warmer and quieter. Want to handpick your floors to suit your vision for the room? Cork comes in tiles and planks in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes, so you can find something different to set your floor apart from the others you've seen.

3. Add some ceiling beams

Ever thought about adding some decorative ceiling beams to your house? While exposed ceiling beams have historically been used for structural purposes, there's nothing stopping you from adding them just for show. Whether you're looking to make an environmentally conscience choice, or just keep the price tag low on the project, faux wood beams also make an excellent option. You can keep the wood raw and organic looking, or sand and paint it to fit the motif of the room. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours!

4. Get rid of that shower curtain!

The shower curtain is one thing that isn't likely to make a comeback anytime soon. Aside from the discoloration and the smell, they aren't exactly the most aesthetic addition to any bathroom, hence their impending disposal. The shower tub combo is as outdated as it gets, so why not spice things up a bit and go for one of the other? If you decide to go for the shower, glass doors are an elegant option for any bathroom set-up (as long as you don't mind using the squeegee every time you shower). If you're up to the challenge, go ahead and ditch that shower door altogether! Just make sure that the angles are working to your advantage when it comes to water flow and splash from the shower or bath. And last but not least…

5. Don't be afraid to forage!

Certain projects allow for some resourcefulness when it comes to finding your own supplies. Whether you're laying a pathway up to your front door or building a hearth for your fireplace, make sure to look around your property for stones before buying some. In addition to cutting cost, they'll also make a great conversation piece for you and your guests when they come look at your newly renovated space!